Essential Professional Enterprise
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  • Essential(Annually)

    Billed $2999 / year

    Only $8.22 / day

    succus1 Warehouse

    succus1 Warehouse User Seat
    (Including Owner)

    succusUnlimited Client Portals

  • Best Choice

    Billed $3599 / year

    Only $9.86 / day

    succus1 Warehouse

    succus9 Warehouse User Seats
    (Including Owner)

    succusUnlimited Client Portals

  • Enterprise(Annually)

    Billed $5999 / year

    Only $16.44 / day

    succus4 Warehouses

    succusUnlimited Warehouse User Seats

    succusUnlimited Client Portals

Included Warehouse 1 1 4
Additional Warehouse succus $999/year/warehouse $999/year/warehouse
Warehouse User Seats 1 9 Unlimited
Additional User Seats succus $999 / 5 Warehouse User Seats / year Unlimited
User Permission succus succus succus
Number of parcel outbound orders less than 300,000 orders/year less than 400,000 orders/year less than 600,000 orders/year
Client Portal Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-commerce Store Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of SKU Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile Scan App succus succus succus
API Access succus succus succus
Shipping Carrier Integration succus succus succus
Shipping Automation succus succus succus
Automated 3PL Billing succus succus succus
Bilingual Customer Service 24 / 7 24 / 7 24 / 7
Online Training & Implementation succus succus succus

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