ShipOut WMS Makes Your Order Fulfillment Easier

ShipOut offers an all-in-one operational workflow, requiring minimal effort to manage your clients, orders, inventories, returns, finances, and integrations.

Product Inventory Management

Product Inventory Management

ShipOut WMS facilitates effortless access to both product inventory and its history for warehouses. It enables users to search by SKU and observe changes in stock levels. The system also permits smooth synchronization of inventory with integrated marketplaces, streamlines inventory adjustments and relocations, and supports the import and export of inventory data.

User Management

Supports the configuration of employee login accounts, creates accounts for employees to enable multi-user operation of the system, and configures the required functional permissions based on roles. All operation logs are traceable.

User Management
Customer Management

Customer Management

Customers can create their own OMS accounts by registering personally or by accepting an invitation from a warehouse to access the OMS system. The group setting feature for customers allows the warehouse to manage customer billing and logistics. The system supports setting various credit limits for each customer in order to support the various transaction methods supported by the warehouse.

Billing Management

The system's automatic billing feature can generate precise expense records with detailed information for all business activities. These records are organized based on various business segments, making the bills clear and easily comprehensible.

Billing Management
Barcode Management

Barcode Management

Product barcodes: Each product has a unique SKU that can be scanned for both inbound and outbound shipping and that supports a range of printing sizes. This increases operational effectiveness.

Location barcode: Each warehouse location has a distinct barcode to guarantee that products can be picked and stored correctly and make inventory tracking simple.

Picking list barcode: The picking list has a barcode that can be scanned by a mobile app after printing to obtain order information automatically, accurately fulfilling orders, and efficiently synchronize picking progress.

Carton mark: To increase the speed and efficiency of the inbound process, each carton will produce a distinct carton mark in the system by scanning the barcode on the box.

Package Materials Management

The warehouse has the option to input packaging material details into the system beforehand, such as package code, cost price, selling price, volume, and weight. This allows for easier calculations of the final parcel dimensions and weight during order fulfillment. Additionally, the system supports scanning the package barcode to select the appropriate package, providing size and weight information while synchronizing the package fee billing.

Package Materials Management
Report Management

Report Management

Inventory Report: The report presents the TOR (Turnover Rate) display and provides a comprehensive overview of SKU inventory turnover. This information enables a better understanding of warehouse operations and inventory turnover, facilitating improvements in the right direction.

Storage Report: The report shows a detailed breakdown of storage fees presenting detailed information in a centralized manner. With an easy-to-view overview of all customer fees, it offers convenience and transparency.

SKU Report: Storage costs are shown in SKU units, making time-consuming financial reconciliation easier.


The ShipOut WMS App is designed to complement the ShipOut WMS system, providing warehouse staff with a more convenient way to handle various cargo flow tasks without relying on a computer or traditional notepad.

Its functionalities include:

● Inbound: This involves receiving and shelving items either by entire orders or by individual cases.

● Outbound: The app supports batch picking and packing of orders for efficient outbound processes.

● Return: It enables the scanning and receiving of returned items.

● Inventory management: The app facilitates transfers and adjustments of inventory items.

● At the same time allows users to upload attachments and pictures


WMS Multichannel Integrations

ShipOut brings your orders and fulfillment together seamlessly, controlling your business from one system.

Shopping Cart

● Automatically synchronize orders and inventory to all stores

● Get all real-time logistics tracking data necessary to any store

● Map a product for all channels

● Set order automation rules for each store

  • Wayfair
  • Woocommerce
  • Walmart DSV
  • Etsy
  • shopify
  • ebay
  • amazon
  • tiktok
  • temu
  • bigcommerce

Shipping Carriers

● Complete Shipping Carrier Integration

● Choose different logistics services and exclusive channels

● Set different shipping automation rules

● Customize shipping label

  • fedex
  • ups
  • stamps
  • DHL
  • EzeeShip
  • ShipStation
  • Canada
  • Data
  • ecomer
  • VITE
  • 6LS


● Submit and track inbound orders

● Synchronize orders and inventory to ERP

● Map SKU to ERP

● Customize shipping automation rules

  • Teapplix
  • Order Desk
  • ShipStation
  • tongtool
  • 马帮
  • 领星
  • 店小秘
  • 积加
  • 聚水潭
  • 鲸汇
  • 数字酋长
  • 普源
  • 速猫
  • 海蛛

Open API

● Access every task from order fulfillment to shipping

● Keep the order tracking in real time

● Synchronizing inventory data

Open API
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